Born in 1914, Earl O'Sullivan was raised in an Irish household in Toronto. His father had a passion for boxing that was passed down to his kids. There were always gloves around the house for Earl and his three brothers to play with and practice being champions.

By the time he was a teenager, Earl left school and worked several jobs over the next 15 years. He drove a milk wagon, ran a restaurant, operated a moving company, and managed a fleet of cabs. Boxing was his only constant, and he pursued it passionately at the Toronto Athletic Club under the mentorship of owner and prominent boxing figure, Deacon Allen.


By the early sixties, Earl managed the Toronto Athletic Club and fostered meaningful relationships with the community.

After Allen's unfortunate passing in 1964, the club was passed down to Earl who embraced the opportunity to carry on its traditions and support aspiring boxers to train and grow.

The gym relocated above a car collision repair shop on 109 Ossington Ave. where Sully's Boxing Gym was born. A place known to have welcomed fighting history's greatest through it's doors, from George Chuvalo to Muhammad Ali.

It also quickly transformed into a safe haven for misdirected youth. Earl revived boxing’s capacity to go beyond training and be a vehicle for empowerment and transformation.


Over the next 45 years, Earl's impact on Toronto's community was immeasurable. He instilled discipline, respect, and a sense of responsibility in children and inspired adults across the city. His generosity didn't go unnoticed as he tirelessly sought funding to sustain the gym's operations while he welcomed underprivileged youth at no cost.

In 1981, he was presented with the Award of Merit in recognition of his remarkable humanitarian work at Sully's Boxing Gym.


Carrying forward Earl Sully Sullivan's legacy, we strive to remain at the heart of the city's fighting community. Through organized events, workshops, and other activities, we aim to support the empowerment of local youth as well as mental health and financial literacy initiatives.

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